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Monday, March 27th

Adriano & Tiago at Reef, Ericeira | Video

One of Tiago's favorite spots in Ericeira.

Sunday, March 26th

John John Florence & friends at Cave, Ericeira | Video

A spot with a reputation.

Friday, March 24th

Foz do Lizandro Part 2 | Slideshow

Foz do Lizandro has it all.

Thursday, March 23rd

Foz do Lizandro Part 1 | Slideshow

One of the most fun beach breaks in Ericeira.

Wednesday, March 22nd

5 waves you should surf when visiting Ericeira

Coxos, Crazy Left, Ribeira D'Ilhas, Pedra Branca and São Julião are some of the many amazing spots in a short strech of coast.

Tuesday, March 21st

Portugal’s surfing elite at Coxos | Video

Tiago Pires, Frederico Morais, Vasco Ribeiro, Nic Von Rupp and Ruben Gonzalez ripping at Coxos.

Monday, March 20th

Winter surf sessions at Coxos | Slideshow

Many consider Coxos, in Ericeira, one of the best surf spots in Europe.

Sunday, March 19th

Winter Surf Sessions at Coxos | Video

When the waves are going off at Coxos the best surfers will show up! These are some of the best sessions recorded from the Winter of 2013/14

Friday, March 10th

Highlights from the 2016 Nazaré Challenge

The Nazaré Challenge had all the ingredients of an amazing event.

Tuesday, March 7th

A heavy day of surfing in Nazaré | Part 2 | Slideshow

The Nazaré Challenge had all the ingredients of an amazing event. Great waves, great surfers, good weather and a lot of drama made it a very memorable contest in the big wave surfing “realm” and in Portugal as well. Here are some of the highlights of the event.

Monday, March 6th

A heavy day of surfing in Nazaré | Part 1 | Slideshow

February the 28th was a day of big wave surfing and record breaking in Nazaré. All Photos by Tó Mané

Sunday, March 5th

A big wave session in Cascais | Video

For decades the waves at Cabo Raso were only “mind surfed”

Friday, March 3rd

Nazaré wakes up (again) on Carnival

The 28th of February is traditionally a festive day in Portugal but, in 2017, it was also a day of big wave surfing.

Wednesday, March 1st

João Macedo and Frederico Morais will represent Portugal on WSL’s elite Tours

Portugal is becoming a force to be reckoned with in surfing.

Tuesday, February 21st

A “monumental” session in Lisbon | Part 2

A few weeks ago João Kopke dared to surf where no one else had surfed before.

Sunday, February 19th

Portugal will crown 17 champions in WSL events in 2017

The 2017 WSL season has started and Portugal will again hold more then a handful of great events.

Friday, February 17th

Another amazing day of surfing in Nazaré | February 2017

The big wave season is still far from over in Nazaré.

Thursday, February 16th

Alejo Muniz had fun in Portugal…

The last few years have been hard on Brazilian pro surfer, Alejo Muniz.

Wednesday, February 15th

The Azores also join the WSL Big Wave Awards

Praia do Norte, Nazaré, has had a constant presence at the prestigious WSL Big Wave Awards for a few years and in the 2016/17 season it almost took over the event.

Monday, February 13th

Nazaré stands out at the WSL Big Wave Awards

Is Praia do Norte, Nazaré, becoming the new “Meca” of big wave surfing?

Friday, February 10th

Nazaré gets 13 more entries at the WSL Big Wave Awards

Nazaré is no stranger to the WSL Big Wave Awards commission! In fact, the organization had already received a few entries for the 2017 season, but Nazaré keeps delivering.

Thursday, February 9th

Cold Warm Water | Winter time in the Algarve

How good have the waves been lately in the south of Portugal?

Friday, February 3rd

A “monumental” session in Lisbon…

The Portuguese coast is one of the most consistent in the world, but what happens when a big storm brings “too much” swell?

Monday, January 2nd

Nazaré gets 3 more entries at the WSL Big Wave Awards…

The Nazaré Challenge may have ended in one day, but many of the best big wave riders in the world stuck around.

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